7 Things to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents can seem minor, but it can have serious consequences if they’re not treated immediately. Understanding what steps to take after your accident in Atlanta can ensure you’re prioritizing your health and gathering what you need for your case.

This guide will show you what to do after a slip and fall accident, preparing you for your claim when working with an experienced Atlanta slip and fall attorney.

Step 1: Get Immediate Medical Attention

After a slip and fall, get medical treatment right away to be diagnosed and treated for your injuries. Even if you don’t see fractures or head trauma right away, they can have serious long-term effects if not treated.

Documentation of Injuries

Get medical help right away and it will document your injuries for any future claims. The medical records from the initial exam will be your best evidence that you were injured in the accident so it will be harder for the other side to deny your injuries.

Follow Medical Orders

Follow all medical orders and treatment plans to help recover and strengthen your case. Consistent treatment shows you are taking your injuries seriously. Not following through can be used against you, that your injuries weren’t that bad.

Step 2: Report the Incident

Report the incident right away to create an official record which is key to any future claims. Without this documentation it will be hard to prove the incident and hold the responsible parties accountable.

Notify the Right People

Notify the property owner, manager, or landlord right away if you fall on someone else’s property. This way they will know what happened and can fix the hazard that caused the fall.

Get a Written Report

Ask for a written report from the property owner, manager or landlord. Make sure you get a copy for your records. This will be important if you deal with insurance companies or legal proceedings.

Why an Official Record Matters

An official report is key evidence, it will support your side of the story and refute the other side.

Step 3: Document the Scene and Your Injuries

Evidence Collection

Document the accident scene and your injuries thoroughly. It will be physical evidence that supports your claim and proves what happened. Detailed evidence will help you counter the other side’s denials.

Take Pictures of the Scene

Take clear pictures of the exact spot where the incident happened. Take wide shots to show the whole area and close ups of any hazards like wet floors or uneven surfaces. These pictures will show the conditions that caused your fall.

Photograph Your Injuries

Take pictures of your injuries, bruises, cuts or any visible damage. Documenting your injuries right after the accident will be a visual record of the severity and progression of your injuries which can be powerful in legal proceedings.

Write It Down

Write down everything you can remember about the incident. Include the time, date and what you were doing just before the fall. Note the conditions of the area, any conversations you had and any actions taken by others who were present. This will help you remember and have a consistent story.

Keep Physical Evidence

Save any physical evidence from the accident, like the clothes and shoes you were wearing. Don’t wash or alter them as they may show signs of the incident like dirt or damage that can be used as evidence.

Worker Injured Figuring Out What To Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Step 4: Get Contact Information


Witnesses will give you an unbiased account that will support your side of the story and strengthen your case. Their testimony will be key to proving negligence.

Get Witness Info

After the incident, identify and approach the witnesses. Politely ask for their names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Make sure to get their details correct as their recollection will be crucial to your case.


Get contact information from anyone who helped you, like employees or bystanders. Their observations and actions right after the incident will further support your story.

Follow Up

Give all the information you’ve collected to your lawyer who will follow up to get detailed statements. These statements will strengthen your case by providing corroborating evidence for your claim.


Accurate and detailed witness statements are key. Consistent and reliable statements will counter the discrepancies and show a clear sequence of events.

Step 5: Keep a File


Keeping a file is crucial to support your claim and to have all the information in one place. Good documentation will make a big difference to your legal case.

Medical Records

Save all medical records related to your injuries, doctor’s reports, treatment plans, medical bills, and medical expenses. These will be evidence of the severity and extent of your injuries and the cost of your recovery.

Accident Related Expenses

Document all accident related expenses, like transportation to medical appointments, medical equipment costs and any other out of pocket expenses. Keeping records will help you claim for these expenses.


Save all correspondence with the insurance company, property owners, and any other relevant parties. This includes emails, letters, and notes from phone calls. Detailed records of communication will help you track your case and make sure you don’t miss anything important.

Lost Income

Document any lost income due to the accident. This includes time off work for medical appointments, recovery and any reduction in earning capacity. Accurate records of lost income are key to claiming for financial loss.


Write a detailed account of the accident, what you were doing before the fall, how the fall happened and what happened immediately after. Include the conditions at the scene and what others did. This will help you remember and have a consistent story.

Step 6: Don’t Make Statements

Be Cautious

Being careful with what you say after a slip and fall accident is key. Statements made too soon can be used against you and harm your case.

Don’t Accept Blame

Don’t accept blame or assign blame at the scene of the accident. Fault needs to be investigated and premature statements will complicate your case. Stay neutral and document the incident.

Limit Communication

Don’t discuss the accident in detail with the property owner, managers or their insurance reps. Anything you say can be misinterpreted and used to deny your claim. Politely decline to make a statement until you’ve spoken to your lawyer.

Social Media

Don’t post about the accident on social media. Comments or photos shared online can be seen by the other side and used against you. Keep the incident private to protect your legal interests.

Your Lawyer

Direct all inquiries and statements to your lawyer. Lawyers know how to handle communication to not harm your claim. They will tell you what to share and when to share it.

Step 7: Get a Slip and Fall Lawyer

Why a Lawyer

Getting a personal injury lawyer is key after a slip and fall accident. Lawyers know how to navigate the complexities of your case to protect your rights and get you the best possible outcome.

Find the Right Lawyer

Look for a lawyer who has experience in slip and fall cases, especially those who are familiar with Georgia laws. An experienced lawyer will know the local laws and has a history of winning similar cases.


Book a consultation to go over the details of your case. Bring all relevant documents, medical records, accident reports and witness information. A review of your case will help the lawyer understand the facts and develop a plan.

Legal Strategy and Representation

Your lawyer will develop a strategy for your slip and fall claim, handle all communication with insurance companies, property owners and other parties. This professional representation will ensure your case is presented well and all legal deadlines and requirements are met.

What a Lawyer Can Do

Avoid getting caught out by accepting a low offer or making a statement that can harm you. They’ll fight for you and negotiate the best possible outcome and if needed, take you to court.

Contact an Experienced Atlanta Slip and Fall Lawyer Today!

Knowing what to do after a slip and fall accident is critical. Following these steps is better for your case and, most importantly, your well-being. At Buddoo and Associates, we can help you for your case while you focus on your health.

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