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Slip and Fall Lawyer in Tucker, GA

There are thousands of slip-and-fall cases every year in Tucker and its environs. While the vast majority of the victims are not injured or impaired, there are numerous cases of temporary or permanent disability. You’re entitled to compensation if you slip and fall on a restaurant or mall walkway, stairway, parking lot, deck, walkway, or breezeway of other establishments.

At Buddoo and Associates, P.C., we provide Tucker residents with personalized legal representation aimed at maximizing our client’s settlement. We specialize in personal injury cases, including slips and falls. If you recently had a fall and you’re looking for an experienced personal injury lawyer in Tucker, look no further than Buddoo and Associates.

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Why Choose Buddoo and Associates for Slip and Fall Cases?

While it’s a free market, and you can opt to go with any other lawyer in Tucker as your legal representative, we believe your interests are best catered for when you choose Buddoo and Associates to help with your slip-and-fall case. Here are the top reasons you should choose us to represent you as you pursue justice.

Experienced in Handling Slip and Fall Cases

Our experienced Atlanta legal team has been helping personal injury victims, including slip and fall victims, since 2003. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of pursue and get their rightful compensation. You, too, can leverage our experience to maximize your compensation.

Results-Driven Approach

We are dedicated to helping our clients receive as much compensation as possible. After all, we operate on a contingency fee basis. We only receive payment when we have won the case, which means we are incentivized to win. With this in mind, we ensure every client receives comprehensive legal support and a personalized legal strategy addressing all aspects of their injury and related claims.

Compassionate and Committed to Your Satisfaction

Understanding the physical and emotional toll of personal injuries, our legal team at Buddoo and Associates, P.C. is dedicated to providing compassionate support. We not only offer free initial consultations, but we are committed to being accessible to our clients, ensuring they receive expert legal advice without financial pressure.

We will be available whenever you need to consult us, even at home or in the hospital.

Dedicated to Achieving Maximum Compensation

We are committed to helping you get the maximum payout possible. In our experience, slip-and-fall accidents can take a toll on your health and finances in the form of lost wages and mounting medical bills. As such, we delve into every case to seek the maximum payout for our clients.

Understanding Slip and Fall Claims in Tucker

The foundation of any slip-and-fall claim is instances of negligence that result in the fall. Negligence means that the property owner’s or manager’s action or inaction put lives at risk, resulting in your accident. Examples of negligence include a lack of signage warning the public about the risk, not repairing damaged floors, and much more.

To make a slip-and-fall claim, your attorney has to prove the party responsible knew about the danger (for instance, spilling water on the floor or a damaged floor) and refused to remediate the risk, thereby putting the general public at risk.

Immediate Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident in Tucker, GA

The steps you take after you’re involved in a slip-and-fall accident will influence the overall outcome of the settlement case. Follow the steps highlighted below to ensure you’re safe and preserve evidence of the accidents.

Step #1: Take Photos of the Fall

You should record the accident area. Take as many photos of the accident area as possible, capturing the conditions that led to your fall. If the cause of the accident was a wet, slippery, broken, or uneven floor or inadequate lighting, you should take photos documenting these conditions. If you’re too injured to carry out this task, ask a trusted friend or family member to take the pictures.

Step #2: Report your Slip and Fall to the Property Manager or Owner

You should report the slip and fall incident to the property owner or manager. Describe the incident in detail and request a copy of the report. A written statement is essential for establishing the facts about the fall and supporting your compensation claim. Aside from describing the accident, you may be asked for your contact information.

Woman With Fractured Hand Filling Slip And Fall Injury Report

Step #3: Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Your health and well-being should be a priority. Ensure you seek medical attention, even if you feel the injuries from the accident are not serious enough to warrant a hospital visit. Some injuries do not produce symptoms immediately but later develop into serious health issues.

Moreover, having your injuries recorded in your medical records will go a long way in helping you make a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

Step #4: Follow the Treatment Plan Strictly

You should not just visit a health center for the sake of it. Ensure you strictly adhere to the doctor’s treatment plan to its completion. Attend all appointments and ensure you document all the treatments you undertake. Also, ask for a copy of your medical record after every visit. You can go a step further and keep a journal describing your experience of the treatment.

These records will help you with your insurance claims or lawsuits.

Step #5: Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Finally, you should contact an experienced slip and fall lawyer to aid you in getting the most compensation possible. Your lawyer will educate you on your rights and options, assist you in collecting the necessary evidence, negotiate for a settlement with the insurance company, or, if need be, represent you in a trial.

Mistakes to Avoid in a Slip-and-Fall Accident Claim

Just like there are steps you can take to bolster your case, there are steps you can take that are detrimental to your case. Obviously, you should not do anything that will compromise the value of your settlement.

Below are some of the things you should not do.

Posting about your slip and fall on social media

It is common practice for insurance adjusters to comb the victim’s social media in search of information they can use against you. As such, refrain from posting about your accident on social media. In fact, you should refrain from making social media posts until your case is settled.

Accepting an early settlement without consulting a lawyer

You can always be sure that the at-fault party’s insurer is keen to reduce the amount of settlement they issue. To this end, they will quickly offer a settlement after the accident. However, many early settlements do not reflect the true value you should receive since you do not know the extent of the injury and its economic, mental, and physical impact on your life.

Providing the at-fault party’s insurer with your medical records or a statement or apologizing

In a bid to reduce their liability, many insurance companies will try to shift the blame onto the victim. With this in mind, don’t make the mistake of providing a statement (verbal or written) or your medical records to the at-fault party’s insurer. They will use your medical records or statements to try and deny you your rightful settlement.

Slip and Fall Lawyer in Tucker, Georgia

How Buddoo and Associates Slip and Fall Lawyers Can Assist Your Case

Here are some of the ways our team of slip and fall lawyers can help you with your case.

Gather the Necessary Evidence

Drawing from your vast experience, we gather all the necessary evidence you need to build a strong case for the compensation you claim. Having successfully helped many clients make claims, we have an intricate understanding of the evidence necessary to build a strong case. Importantly, we know how to get the evidence.

Calculate and Maximize Damages

Many slip-and-fall accident victims do not understand which claims to make when seeking compensation. Consequently, without an experienced attorney, they run the risk of not maximizing their claims. Our experienced accident attorneys will help you maximize your compensation by seeking economic, non-economic, and, where possible, punitive damages.

Prepare and File Your Claim

We prepare and file your claim in good time, ensuring you do not hit the statute of limitation. Preparing a strong case takes time, so it’s best to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Handle the Communication and Negotiation with the Insurance Company

We handle all the communication between you and the at-fault party’s insurance company. You don’t have to worry about dealing with the insurance company. You can focus on your recovery.

Take Your Case to Trial

If we cannot reach a fair settlement agreement with the insurance company, we can take the case to trial to protect your right to a fair settlement.

Case Results and Client Testimonials

We’ve helped countless clients get compensated for slip and fall accidents. Case result highlights include a $175,000 slip and fall Settlement for an accident in a Church, a $150,000 Slip and Fall compensation for an accident in a Retailer (Federal Court), and a $123,000 litigation Slip and Fall Settlement.

Check out our client testimonials.

They will get you the maximum payout for your accident. I’m satisfied with Buddoo and Associates. I’ve dealt with them twice, and both times, they’ve successfully got me the money I needed for my accident. It’s not hard to get in contact with them, and they will keep you updated on the progress of your case. Be patient, and they will get you the maximum payout for your accident.


They really helped me out a ton! I highly recommend them! They kept me up to date with my case, and whenever I had a question/concern, they’d answer it to where I could understand it. They really helped me out a ton!


Frequently Asked Questions About Slip and Fall Accidents

Woman Injured in Slip and Fall Accident on Stairs

How long do I have to file a slip-and-fall claim?

In Georgia, the statute of limitation for tort action is two years (GA Code § 9-3-33). As such, you have two years from when the accident occurred to lodge a claim. As such, you should consult an attorney early enough to ensure they have ample time to prepare for the claim.

What Compensation Can I Receive After a Slip and Fall?

You can receive economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. Economic damages are types of compensation related to medical bills, lost income, lost property or property damage, and other out-of-pocket costs.

Non-economic damages are the subjective costs you’ve incurred as a result of the accident. They include non-quantifiable damages like pain and suffering, loss of consortium, stress and anxiety, and similar damages.

Punitive damages are meant to punish the at-fault party if reckless or egregious conduct results in your slip and fall. In Georgia, punitive damages are capped at $250,000, with the accident victim receiving 25% of the damages and 75% paid into the state treasury.

How Much Does a Slip and Fall Lawyer Cost?

We offer our legal services on a contingency fee basis. This means our clients do not pay unless they win their case.

When Should I Contact a Lawyer After a Slip and Fall?

Immediately. Do not wait long before you engage an experienced accident attorney. Keep in mind that the statute of limitations for accident claims is two years. Additionally, your attorney will need ample time to prepare for your claim.

What Evidence is Important in a Slip and Fall Case?

Some essential evidence in slip-and-fall cases includes photos and/or videos of the accident site showing the cause of the accident, a copy of the accident report filed with the property owner or appropriate authorities, and witness contact information.

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