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Dog Bite Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

Dog ownership is common in Atlanta, Georgia. Unfortunately, not all dog owners are responsible, and some dogs are not well-trained. These dog owners do not keep their dogs under control. Therefore, if you have been attacked by a dog, you can hire an Atlanta dog bite lawyer to help you build a compelling case.

A dog bite can have long-lasting psychological and physical effects. Thankfully, you may be eligible to pursue compensation for your injuries. A skilled dog bite lawyer has the experience and expertise to help you seek compensation for your dog bite injuries, navigate complex legal procedures, and recover from your injuries.

Our team of highly skilled Atlanta dog bite attorneys from Buddoo and Associates, P.C. is committed to providing strong legal representation to individuals who have suffered from dog bites. We have a longstanding reputation for our compassionate approach and dedication to achieving maximum compensation for our clients.

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Why Choose Buddoo and Associates for Dog Bite Cases?

Handling a dog bite case can be a complex process. Do not even try to negotiate with the insurance company or even the dog owner on your own. A skilled and experienced lawyer should handle a dog bite case.

Want to choose Buddoo and Associates, P.C. understands Georgia dog bite laws and how to handle these cases. Here is why you should choose us:

Pursue Compensation

Dog owners are legally responsible for keeping their dogs under control. Therefore, they are responsible for any harm that their dogs may cause to others. So, if you have been bitten by a dog, we can help you pursue compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and even psychological therapy.

Specialized Expertise in Dog Bite Cases

We have many years of experience handling dog bite cases in Atlanta. That is why we understand the challenges you are facing right now and the intricacies of these cases. We will use our expertise and experience to help you get a better outcome in your dog bite case.

Proven Track Record

Our proven track record speaks for itself. Why? Because we are committed to helping our clients achieve positive outcomes. Our Atlanta dog bite attorneys are highly trained and have good communication skills. We are, therefore, better qualified to handle your dog bite case.

Help You Heal and Recover

A dog bite can result in physical injuries. The wounds from the bite can lead to infections. These infections can be life-threatening. We will work hard to recover money for your medical treatment. You will use the money to treat your dog bite injuries.

Understanding Dog Bite Claims in Atlanta

The number of dog bite claims has been increasing in recent years. A dog bite can lead to serious consequences. The cost of treatment and recovery are expensive. And some people may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

In many cases, the dog owners are legally responsible for these injuries and expenses. You can, therefore, file a dog bite claim to recover financial compensation for your injuries and damages. You, however, still need strong legal representation to increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome.

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Critical Steps to Take After a Dog Bite in Atlanta, GA

A dog bite incident can leave lasting physical and emotional scars. If a dog bites you, you must know what to do. You will need to seek medical attention, know your legal rights, and file a dog bite claim. Here are the steps to take after a dog bite incident in Atlanta, GA.

Seek Medical Attention

The first thing you need to do is seek medical attention. Remember, the wounds from a dog bite can become infected. The infections can, therefore, complicate the healing process. They can even lead to further health issues. If you seek immediate medical attention, you can keep your wounds from getting infected.

Report the Incident

Some dog owners are not responsible. They do not keep their dogs under control. The dogs may end up attacking other dogs and humans. You may, therefore, need to file a police report and call animal control in Fulton County. You should report an out-of-control or dangerous dog.

Collect Evidence

You may be entitled to pursue compensation for your injuries. Therefore, you need to gather evidence of your injuries and even losses. For example, you may need to get your medical records, and police report, and take pictures and record videos of your injuries.

Contact an Atlanta Dog Bite Lawyer

Do you know your legal rights? Do you know how much compensation you can recover? It is in your best interest to consult with an Atlanta dog bite lawyer. Your lawyer will protect your rights and help you navigate the complex claims process. Your attorney will ensure that you get what you deserve.

Critical Steps to Take After a Dog Bite

How Buddoo and Associates Can Help You

Buddoo and Associates, P.C. can help hold a dog owner financially liable for your injuries, handle your paperwork, collect evidence, handle settlement negotiations, and save you time and money. Here is how Buddoo and Associates, P.C. can help you:

Hold a Dog Owner Financially Liable

A dog bite can result in expensive medical bills. You will, therefore, need financial support. Luckily, dog owners can be held liable. We could, therefore, use our experience and expertise to hold a dog owner financially liable for your injuries.

Handle Your Paperwork

A lot of people have lost their cases because of small mistakes. If you are filing a dog bite claim for the first time, you should not handle your paperwork. Our lawyers, for example, have been filing these types of claims for several years. We, therefore, have the necessary skills and experience to handle paperwork.

Settlement Negotiations

We want to help you get the maximum settlement amount. We will review your case and injuries to determine the value of your claim. In fact, we could review your medical records and even work records to determine your damages. We will, then, help you recover that amount.

Case Results and Client Stories

“I had a wonderful experience working with Buddoo and Associates, P.C. Everyone was always pleasant and kept me informed at all times. I was very happy with the outcome of my case. I will definitely refer them to potential clients. And I will use them again if the need arises. Thank you!” – NAKEISHA M.

“Buddoo and Associates, P.C. was incredible. I could not ask for a better law firm to handle my and my wife’s case. They did everything they said would. They have a professional and diligent staff. The staff takes their job and clients seriously.” – HANGELL B.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bite Incidents

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How long do I have to file a dog bite claim?

If a dog bites you in Atlanta, GA, you have two years from the date of the dog bite to file your dog bite claim. It’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to begin the process.

What Compensation Can I Receive After a Dog Bite?

You may be entitled to receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, disfigurement, lost income, lost future income, and permanent injury.

How Much Does a Dog Bite Lawyer Cost?

It is free to hire a dog bite lawyer. Why? Because they work on a contingency fee basis. You will pay your lawyer if they win your dog bite case.

When Should I Contact a Lawyer After a Dog Bite?

You should contact an Atlanta dog bite attorney immediately after a dog bite. Your lawyer will tell you your legal options and guide you throughout the whole process. A lawyer can even recommend a good doctor to treat your dog bite injury.

What Evidence is Important in a Dog Bite Case?

You will need medical records that show the extent of your injuries and photos and videos of your injuries. You also need witnesses and police reports.

Contact The Dog Bite Lawyers At Buddoo and Associates Today

A dog bite can lead to puncture wounds, infections, post-traumatic stress disorder, and even broken bones. Therefore, a dog bite may require expensive medical treatment. If you are a victim of a dog bite, you may be entitled to seek compensation.

We, however, highly recommend retaining the services of a skilled Atlanta dog bite lawyer. A skilled lawyer can help prove the dog owner was negligent, gather evidence, and even investigate the dog’s past. Your lawyer will use their experience, resources, and negotiation skills to get you what you rightfully deserve.

Have you been injured in a dog bite in Atlanta, GA? Our experienced and skilled Atlanta dog bite lawyers at Buddoo and Associates, P.C. understand the physical and emotional toll such incidents can cause. We offer free initial consultations and work on a contingency fee basis. You will not pay unless you win your case.

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